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July 2009




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Jul. 4th, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America!

Always a work in progress, yet always my pride and true home. Our great experiment continues, for good or bad, and long may it last!

Jun. 22nd, 2009

OIT Summer Term 2009 - So it begins...

Well, I'm off to catch the bus and head to my first day of Summer Term. I've only one class today, which is Statistics and I'm excited for it. My other class this term is Speech, I had a class about Day Hiking (just for the heck of it), but it didn't get enough people and they canceled it.

But, seven credits is enough...it allows me to get my extra loan money, which should help pay for things while I hunt for a job. If I can find an okay job that works around my schooling, then life shall be fine. If not...well, we'll cross that bridge when I get to it.


Jun. 17th, 2009

Advice Sought - Getting into painting minis?

Once, long ago, I use to love assembling and painting models, it was something that my step-dad did as a boy and that his father (my grampa Emerson) really liked, too. So, I glommed into the idea of doing it rather deeply, but then came the Summer of '85, when I returned from Camp Meriwether to find my parents had packed my room up and that we were moving from Gresham back to Portland.

Fun, huh?

In addition to losing all of my elementary school friends, whom I was about to join in Middle School, I also lost my fondness for models. I really enjoyed them, but I also really enjoyed impressing my step-dad with them, too.

Anyhow, over the past few years I kept thinking about how I'd like to get into miniatures, but just never did it. But, at PaizoCon this weekend, I saw a lot of cool miniatures and to cap it all off, my last played game was Sean's "Into the Scarlett Monastery," which had an awesome array of painted, metal miniatures...and my inspiration grew leaps and bounds.

More so thanks to the kewl mini that I got to keep, too. Seriously, SKR is an awesome miniatures painter.

Thus, I figured I'd ask for some advice from you kind folk here on what would be a good way to introduce myself to painting minis, good starting supplies, and so forth.


PaizoCon the Roadtrip

While PaizoCon was one of the most enjoyable and interesting gamer moments of my life, the drive to and from the con was anything but...in fact, they were my two most frustrating and disheartening driving moments of my life.

See, I enjoy driving, especially long drives, since it is a form of active/reactive meditation, sort of like lawn mowing. You're able to get into a rhythm and glide from beginning to end and all is well.

Except for this past week.

On the way to PaizoCon my car started to act up, inspired by this jerk of a long-haul drive who had passed me a couple minutes before, only to be almost stopped on the other end of a tunnel, which caused me to decelerate and stall out. After coasting about six miles down the road, thankful for the steep incline, I rested on the side of the road until my car would start.

Up until this moment, I was on-pace for a 7 and a half hour trip in the nine hours it could have taken, which didn't last.

Start at about Eugene, once I switched over to the Oregon portion of I-5, my car was stalling out, which was worse once I crossed into Washington, as it took me three hours to cover the expanse of I-5 between Kalama and Kelso/Longview area. But, after that, things went smooth, save for a Microsoft catering van cutting me off (I think it could sense my iPhone or something). It took me about thirteen hours to get to the con.

Insert the enjoyable Con experience here and then back to the road...bad idea.

The return trip took a projected nine hour timetable and turned it almost thirty hours on the road, which included me sleeping in the car on the side of 197, just south of The Dalles, a town which I was stuck around for roughly fifteen hours and no one ever stopped to check on things.

It's okay, mind you, but the only person I saw during the whole trip, aside from the nice lady at Denny's who didn't charge me for my soda, was a State Trooper Sergeant just south of Madras who did the check up on me after about the forth time he passed me in his unmarked car.

Nice friendly guy who just did a well-being check, sans asking for ID and such, as I moved on my way.

While the drive sucked there were some cool moments on it, such as seeing a half-moon rising over the Oregon wilderness, a curious coyote who decided to look at me through my driver side window, and a beautiful buck with velvet horns (five-point; we only count one side out this way, folks), and some wonderful open country.

But, while I'm gonna go to every PaizoCon that I can manage...I will never drive myself there again. I'll take a train, fly, or carpool with others, but I ain't the sole driver, anymore.

Hell, I'd sooner rent a car and solo drive to GenCon, but I think the drive from Klamath Falls to Seattle has scared me for life and beat my ass down. Sure, in the end, I beat it and drove the whole way myself, but turning roughly eighteen total hours of driving into nearly thirty-three was insane, defeating, and soul-crushing on some weird level.

It's not the worse thing in life, nowhere even near it, and I know there are worse events out there, right now, but that drive has crushed me, for now and I've no issue with admitting it. *laughs*

Jun. 16th, 2009

Final Update - Home

That is all. More later.

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Jun. 15th, 2009

Update - Oregon Trail Rest Stop

I'm about fifteen minutes west of the Dalles and all is well. 251 in, but I added a few miles by using 84 instead of I-5...pretty miles though.

Half way home.

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Update - Toutle River Rest Area

So far, so good.

116 out of 454 down and I'm feeling okay about things, especially since I'm adding in rest stop breaks and not feeling rushed.

PaizoCon was such a blast, next year I'm so gonna take a train or plane, maybe carpool, so I can focus more on the experience. Everyone was cool and fun, reminded me more if Scouting events or DeMolay Convocations, as there was this nice esprite de corps to it all.

Anyhow, thanks for the kind words and wellwuahes, very appreciated.

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Jun. 9th, 2009

My first editor gig...

Evocative City Sites: The Rogue's Gallery

So I edited Rite Publishing's Evocative City Sites: The Rogue's Gallery and it's quite the cool project. It's a systemless project, so it's all flavor text, artwork, and a killer map. Also, the price point is rather cool, too.

For $1.75 you get about 13 pages that has some adventure hooks, a pair of interesting NPCs, a rather unique location that is gleamed from an interesting trope of fantasy, and I enjoyed tightening up some of the text and working with the author (as well as publisher) Steve "Qwilion) Russell.

Anyhow, I figured I'd add some extra work and income to my life, while expanding upon my eclectic industry credits. *grins*


May. 20th, 2009

I need a better term for being a moderate...

...mainly because I'm tired of offering ad hominem folk an easy first strike.

Seriously, moderate does not equate to a flip flopper, a fence rider, or a half dozen, or more, other comments that are supposedly witty and are used when you cannot defend your position, at least with any intelligence.

I do not go where the wind blows me, in fact I am rather firmly entrenched with all of my civil rights, not just the ones that the various parties seem to like to put next to bullet points on some list. They are all fairly nice rights and I want them all, even if I do not plan on using them, since, last time I checked, I am part of this "We The People..." thing.


Sure, I do not have a political party, mainly because they all seem happy to trade my civil rights back and forth like they are some sort of commodity or something. Plus, it means I get to vote for whom I wanna vote for, not for who I am told to vote for...of course, that means my vote is a lot more my fault, I guess. Hopefully voting for Clinton and Obama makes up for the times I voted for Bush...but, I make no apologies for my Perot vote, as I liked the nutty bastard.

Anyhow, there is nothing wrong with not having a political party, voting for who you want, and wanting freedom of speech for the same reasons you want the right to bear arms, as they are both nice things.

Being an independent is cool, I think, especially a dyed in the wool one, so...yeah, independent. I would use libertine or freethinker, but the former usually brings up images of a pervert frenchie and the later can be insulting to the asshats that are bugging me...but, so is asshat. ;)

May. 19th, 2009

It's odd, I think...

...that, for whatever reason, having a high pain threshold somehow makes the small pains worse, especially the nagging ones.

I've a nasty headache today, it's right behind my right eye, although earlier it was behind both eyes, and it was painful enough that I was quite sure my eyes themselves were hurting. It's a pressure pain, though, as closing my eyes really tight can intensify the pain until I relax them and it subsides for awhile.

My glasses seem fine, prescription wise, and it is not a constant thing, as it only happens now and then, but damn it sucks. Ranks right up there with the nagging pain of busting, or damn near busting, a pinky toe.

Now the reason that it's odd is that I've a very high pain threshold, with respect to most things; I've sliced open a fish hook wound to get the hook out myself, pour some hooch in it and then used super glue to close it and I was just fine. We won't even go into the stories of my big toe issues when I was a teen, as it makes some folks ill and I get lectures about it. *chuckles*

Yet, little pain, sniggling ones, those bug me as if it was my nethers bathed in molten rock...WTF?!?!

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